I am currently researching several things. 


(The following images are pulled from The University of Arizona's Atmospheric Sciences web page located here: http://www.atmo.arizona.edu/products/graphs/dailyE/) Feel free to stop by their page and check out the other cool data they have.

The Weather Station is approx 3 miles away from "A" Mountain, but it will give you an idea of wind speed and direction in the area. 

You can refresh (F5) the page for more up-to-date data.



Another resource is the KVOA web site.
They have a Weather Station on top of the studio which is also about 3 miles from "A" Mountain.
(The only problem I have with using their data is when you look at their "City Cam" which is supposed to be on top of Tumamoc Hill you never seem to get an up-to-date image.)