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I have been running out of space on the website with all the photos that I have been posting so I decided to start another site with more space.  In short http://www.floppyfinger.com/gallery/ is the new address.  I have moved all the galleries over to this new site and updated the links on this server to reference their new locations.

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Well I created a new page called updates.  You can check there to see when the site was last updated and what was actually updated.


O.K. I wouldn't look at this before bed.

I'd be afraid to step on this for fear it would latch onto my leg or something!

(This is NOT adult oriented but I would look at it first before I'd show the little ones...)


What Time Is It???

O.K. during a recent wedding I attended, a great idea came to mind.  It was hatched when one of the gifts that was given to the bride and groom turned out to be a cookbook made just for them.  It contained family recipes and pictures along with the stories that surrounded the dish.

Then during a recent dinner that was held at my parents place,  my mother served a dish called "Hawaiian Spareribs".  During the dinner (which was really good by the way) the words we have all heard was said more than once.  "I need to get this recipe from you". So.....

I will be creating an online database / forum for the collection of great family recipes.  Over the years we have all had great meals at a friend or family's house and have always asked for the recipe.  I think it is time that we take this process a step further.  Here is a link where a collection of these dishes with their recipes and stories surrounding them should be posted.

Please keep in mind this is not  limited to just family.  Friends and visitors are welcome to add to the collection as well.  It's a little small right now with just a few recipes, Please add one you have and the story of where it came from or who made it first or... You get the idea.

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